Stock Market Trading For Beginners – Best Trading Books

Published on November 1, 2018

Stock Market Trading For Beginners – Best Trading Books

This video focuses on Stock Market Trading For Beginners. I have compiled a list of 10 Trading books which one should begin with in order to become a Successful Trader in Stock Market. I have been extremely careful in choosing the books and deciding on the order in which they should be read. Ease of readability and application has been my top criterion for selection of Trading books.

While selecting Trading Books, I have considered three main topics; Technical Analysis, Trading Psychology & Risk Management. Stock Trader who intends to learn to trade usually needs a blend of all these three main topics and this has been my focus.

If possible, try and read the books in the order I have mentioned. This way, you would have solid Technical Analysis knowledge before you start to get down to Money Management and Trading Psychology. Quite often, Traders don’t focus much on bringing these three topics together while attempting to organize knowledge. Do read Market Wizards, book by Jack Schwager and Trading in the zone by Mark Douglas. As far as Trading Psychology is concerned, these two books are must reads.

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