Nifty 50 – Bank Nifty Trading Strategy – 24th December – 28th December 2018

Published on December 22, 2018

Nifty 50 – Bank Nifty Trading Strategy – 24th December – 28th December 2018

In this video, of Nifty 50 & Bank Nifty I will discuss about Emerging Markets and Global market ETF’s. Something is changing in Global markets and this should not be ignored. I will take up Market Internals where I will discuss about Advance Decline, Market Breadth and Turnover Data. I will then move to Nifty 50 and BankNifty update for the week and will discuss about Nifty weekly options which is set to launch soon. In the end, I will discuss about Global market charts and will conclude what could happen over the next few months.

I have begun by discussing various market internal data points like Market breadth, Advance decline and overall Turnover data. I have also discussed various World ETF’s wherein I have shown how Stock market movement is more global in nature and Stock markets all over the World follow general trend established by U.S. Markets.

I have then discussed about Nifty Weekly Options which are set to be launched soon and how that would impact overall market. Based on data available for Bank Nifty, it is more than likely that Nifty 50 will become more volatile in times to come.

I have then discussed Nifty chart, Bank Nifty chart along with Dow Jones and Crude Oil chart for the week. Dow Jones is now forming a structure of lower low on higher time frames and this should be taken note of. I have also mentioned that what happens to Nifty 50 and Bank Nifty would largely depend on how Dow Jones and U.S. market behave over the medium term.

In the end, I have covered up some aspects of Trade management by highlighting some trades I have done today. Tata Motors share related entries have to be ignored as those are part of SIPs.

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