Intraday Trading Strategies – Beginners Guide To Intraday Trading

Published on February 28, 2019

Intraday Trading Strategies – Beginners Guide To Intraday Trading

This is the first part of Intraday Trading Strategies For Beginners video series. In this part, I have explained the basics of Intraday trading along with how one should approach Intraday trading general. I have explained why Intraday trader needs to be more flexible and nimble in this form of trading.

I have also highlighted the importance of marking Pivot Points, Previous Day High – Low levels along with Previous Week High – Low Level on chart while executing Intraday trading strategies. I have also explained why Support turning into resistance and resistance turning into support remains one of the most important concept in Intraday trading.

For executing any Intraday trading strategy successfully, one has to know when to trade and when to step away. Intraday trading does not mean trading every day and this is the point I have made by highlighting the importance of participating when volatility is expanding.

Towards the end of the video, I have also spoken about Leverage, Tools required for Intraday trading and selection of Broker for the same. I have also pointed out ideal capital allocation strategy for those who are beginners in Intraday trading.

I have also explained how we will be proceeding in this Intraday trading strategies for beginners video series. Like all my other Trading strategies video series, I have carefully planned how to proceed in this.

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