Options Trading Strategies – Long Call Strategy

Published on October 1, 2018

Options Trading Strategy – Long Call Strategy

This is the Part 2 of Options Trading Strategy video series. In this part, I cover the Long Call Strategy in Options Trading. I begin this video by explaining the basics of Options and Call Options in particular. I have covered basics of Options in Part 1 and in case you are a beginner to Options Trading, I will request you to watch Part 1 first.

In this part, I have explained about Call Option and then covered Long Call Strategy in detail. I have also explained the concept of Break Even point through Risk Reward profile chart. This is also known as Options Payoff graph. Once I finish with building blocks of this strategy, I move to execution part of this strategy.

I highlight the importance of selecting the right strike price and I give out specific rules to identify strike prices based on time left for Options expiry. I then explain how one can use Bull flag pattern to execute this strategy to buy Options at the right time. I have given 5 specific steps that one has to follow to execute this strategy.

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