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    10 Things not to do while trading

    1. Watching fluctuation in prices
    2. Watching net profit / loss on a regular interval
    3. Not counting the brokerage and other charges
    4. Following the news and not the trend
    5. Taking others advice as a proof for may positions
    6. Roaming around the multiple stocks
    7. Averaging the loosing trade and taking early profit from winning trades
    8. Not considering the risk and reward ratio
    9. Unrealistic expectations
    10. Try to call every market move

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    A good trader is a one who can make money consistently over a longer period of time. But how to become one such a trader and can make money in any type of market condition? You have to be an independent thinker, closely watching market and other factor to make any trading decision. Have a basic understanding of technical analysis and ability to apply the same in order to find trading opportunity. A good trader means staying informed about yourself, trust your well researched strategy and learn from mistakes of others.

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    We, as a trader, should be willing to observe the market and make informed decision.
    Missed money is better than lost money, so wait patiently for the best opportunities to arrive and take trades according to the trend of the market.
    Long-term patience will keep your confidence and optimism high, and short-term patience will help you wait for the best trades.
    Success doesn’t come easy, and rarely are fortunes made overnight. Be willing to pay your dues and put in the work in order to achieve your goals.
    Trading is all about managing risk. Even though if you are right 50% of the time, you’ll still end up making some money in the long run provided you cut your losses short and let your profits run.
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    8 simple rules of successful investing:

    • Get started early.
    • Invest consistently.
    • Think long-term.
    • Diversify.
    • Never borrow to invest
    • Invest in what you believe in.
    • Ignore the short-term fluctuations
    • Keep an eye on fees & taxes.

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